You Must Disclose What You Plan on Showing at Trial

By James Jennings

To help you prepare for the trial, the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure have disclosure and discovery requirements.

Disclosure requirements are in Rule 49.  You and the other person must voluntarily provide certain information to the other person.  You have an obligation to tell the other person or disclose such information to them, and you have a right to have the other person disclose such information to you.  Failure to disclose as required may result in penalties called sanctions, including being prevented from talking about or showing evidence that was not disclosed on time.

If you need information that the other person has not given you, you may engage in discovery, such as asking for documents from the other person or requesting with a subpoena documents from people or businesses that are not parties.  Rules 51 through 65 of the Arizona Rules of Family Court discuss the requirements for discovery.

Remember there are no surprises at trail.  This isn’t Perry Mason.

I like what Edgar Watson Howe – Country Town Sayings- had to say, “The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.”

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