Traffic Tickets and Chapter 7Bankruptcy

By James Jennings

speeding-ticket1Some of my bankruptcy clients have a lead foot when it comes to driving.  I get.  Sometimes you have to get somewhere in a hurry and sometimes when you roll the dice you come up short and you blow by a cop doing 100 MPH.  This leads to a really expensive fine and a hefty insurance premium hike.  Now some people have the notion that they can just blow off paying their fines and go and file bankruptcy.  So will this tactic work?  Can I get out of paying my fines by filing for bankruptcy?

Although a Chapter 7 discharge has the power to eliminate most debts, traffic fines are not included. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code classifies traffic fines in Chapter 7 bankruptcy as non-dischargeable in Section 523(a)(7). Typically, any fine or penalty you owe to a governmental unit is non-dischargeable under this section. Even if the rest of your debts are discharged in Chapter 7, you will have to find a way to pay your traffic tickets.

WeWorkHardMoreover, regardless of the type of bankruptcy you file, if your traffic fine is the result of a criminal violation, you can never discharge it in bankruptcy. Criminal traffic offenses include hit-and-run, driving while under the influence, reckless driving or eluding the police. In a broader sense, a criminal traffic offense is one that could result in jail time.

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