How Can Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy Help Me?

ne_courtHow can Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy help me?  Great question.

Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy is much more than just a legal document mill.  We actually care about every single client that walks through our doors.

Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy was established in 1998 by James Jennings, a native born Arizonian and Military Veteran who served in the Gulf War.

Mr. Jennings, a family law paralegal while working for a Phoenix Metro Area firm saw that many people could not afford the cost of a high priced attorney.  Mr. Jennings saw that family law attorneys were charging huge, almost unattainable retainers (most nonrefundable) and then billing their clients at a rate of $250 to $400 per hour.  He also saw that people who hired an attorney spent out of pocket somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 when it was all said and done.  He also saw that if they couldn’t pay or ran out of money their cases went nowhere.  Often times their attorney’s left them high and dry.

On the other hand there were a lot paralegals out there that were disbarred attorneys or unsavory characters that promised people the moon but couldn’t deliver.  These people would open up divorce mills and have little to no experience in family law. Many of these individuals would take peoples’ money and then prepare spotty documents with little to no support.  So when clients had questions or things went awry they were left hanging.  So, again, if they couldn’t then hire an attorney to fix their case or push it through, then the case went nowhere or was dismissed and they had to start over again.

The third thing that was happening was people that prepared their own documents without any aid from an attorney or legal document preparer  would run a fowl with the court system somehow.  This is a very common problem.  Family law and family court procedure is very complex and has a lot of quirks and nuances and if you have little to no training in it, you can easily crash and burn your own case.  It was Mr. Jennings’ experience too, that many people that had prepared their own documents got them thrown out by judges because of some legal, procedural, or clerical mistake. They either didn’t establish jurisdiction correctly, provide proper legal notification to the other party, or did not calculate deadlines correctly when they managed their own cases.  The court has no mercy on people that don’t follow procedure correctly.  They hold everyone to the same standards as attorneys and have little to no patience for do-it-yourself folk.

So because these three things, attorney’s fees being out of reach for many people; an unregulated paralegal industry that took advantage of people or were just down right incompetent; and people choosing to handle their own cases and failing miserably, Mr. Jennings quit his successful career as a paralegal and opened Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy in 1998.  In his mind, enough was enough.  People were not getting quality access to the court and he was going to do something about that.

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James Jennings, Managing Partner for Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy, LLC

Mr. Jennings’s vision was three fold; 1) to open a full-service legal document preparation company that would not only prepared legal documents for a fair fee but 2) also filed the documents with the courthouse and 3) managed the case from beginning to end.  Thus solving all the major problems with the legal industry as a whole.

Because of Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy’s high success rate in helping people handle their own legal matters, Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy has a stellar track record for service.

Thousands of people have referred their friends to Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy.  This is because of their standards of excellence and high quality service.

Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy has become paragon in the industry in Arizona.   Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy was also certified by the Arizona Supreme Court (the highest court in Arizona) to prepare legal documents in 2003 and has outpaced everyone ever since.

In fact, Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy maintains its high level of legal knowledge and ethical values by requiring all document prepares in their employ to participate in at least ten hours of continuing education each year.  Ensuring top scores in legal document preparation.

bbb-accreditedMoreover, Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  The top score of any business rating.  Also, Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy scores high with Yelp, Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, and many, many other business rating systems.  Bottom line, people love us.

Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy’s mission:

  1. To prepare high quality documents that will surpass all other documents in the industry for accuracy and clarity.
  2. Documents that will pass the demanding scrutiny of family court and bankruptcy court judges and commissioners.
  3. Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy will not only prepare the documents for you, but in family law matters will also file them and all other subsequent documents required by the court for no additional charge.  That’s right, no additional fees to make trips to the court and file your documents.
  4. Unlike most attorney’s you can contact Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy and ask as many questions as you like about your case for no additional cost.
  5. Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy does not charge you by the hour.
  6. Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy charges one flat rate for documents, case management, and filing.
  7. Your information and case status is always confidential. Something they take very serious.
  8. You will always have Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy on your side.

We understand that the only case that matters to you is yours.  If you’d like to give Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy a try, like so many others have, call them at (602-896-9020) or email us at to get started.

We invite you to subscribe to Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy Twitter account: @discountdivorce and Facebook page: Both of these social media sites have value information.





Author: arizonadivorcebankruptcy

We are the legal document and case management solution you are looking for. Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy is the only service in the industry that prepares your legal documents for you AND manages your case from beginning to end. We have successfully handled an estimated 12,000 family law cases (divorce, legal separation, annulment, child support, parental visitation, custody modifications, and much much more) and some 5,000 chapter 7 bankruptcy matters for Arizona families.

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