Meet James

James Jennings, Managing Partner for Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy, LLC
James Jennings, Managing Partner for Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy, LLC

Meet James, Discount Divorce & Bankruptcy senior document preparer and managing partner.

James is one of the two founders and managing partners of Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy.

James was born in Phoenix, Arizona and is a 4th generation Arizona native with extensive ties to his community. James graduated from Phoenix College with a degree in legal studies.

James has also served on the board of the Arizona Association of Independent Paralegals for two years as an officer.

James served distinction with United States Army and is a veteran of the Gulf War and James is currently a member of the VFW in Anthem, Arizona.

It is also important to note that before serving with honor in the military James was the Director of Management Training with Sierra Sonora Ent., Inc. before founding Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy and twice was awarded the Director of Operations’ Award for Excellence.

James has experience with an estimated 8,000 family law cases and another 2,500 chapter 7 bankruptcy matters. James has an extensive knowledge of court rules and is an expert in court procedures.

James also may have more experience with family law documents than anyone else in the state of Arizona.


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We are the legal document and case management solution you are looking for. Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy is the only service in the industry that prepares your legal documents for you AND manages your case from beginning to end. We have successfully handled an estimated 12,000 family law cases (divorce, legal separation, annulment, child support, parental visitation, custody modifications, and much much more) and some 5,000 chapter 7 bankruptcy matters for Arizona families.

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